Nova Braai 1000 S/S


Scope of Supply:


  • Durable, reinforced stainless steel firebox and smoke gather combination;
  • Large Nickel-plated grill, 785mm x 420mm in dimensions;
  • Hinged, fold-down prep table, with two stainless steel handles;
  • Fold-up door panel with integrated magnet to hold securely in the upright, open position;
  • Sturdy stainless steel charcoal tray with removable ash-pan;
  • Stainless steel charcoal starter;
  • Swivel suspension arm  for a Potjie pot;
  • Brass light fitting, suitable for an incandescent  light bulb;




  • Stainless Steel Grade 430 construction, brush-finish, corrosion resistant;
  • Framed Nickle-plated grill, supported on multiple runners for cooking convenience;
  • Convenient fold-down preparation / utensils storage table;
  • Removable ash disposal pan facilitates easy charcoal tray cleaning;
  • Charcoal starter for  hot ember stand-by preparation;


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