A Statement fireplace

A Statement fireplace

At Jetmaster, we have a wide range of Fireplaces to cater for everybody’s needs. This consists of

built-in and freestanding unit, slow combustion stoves and a variety of gas convectors.

All our units are eloquently designed meticulously crafted from the very best materials.

Jetmaster’s convection heating system allows your rooms to be heated in two ways. Firstly, from

reflected heat directly off the fire itself, and secondly, from the transfer of heat in the air as it travels

through the convection chamber and jets into the room through Jetmaster’s specially patented


Jetmaster’s elite range of fireplaces have been manufactured with a convection system built

into the mechanics of the unit, thus providing more heat than a traditional brick fireplace.

Jetmaster focuses on quality and sets the trend for the industry. Quality is always in style and as

manufactures we take pride in crafting our units, whilst using premium materials.

Maintaining a fireplace is a matter of burning well-seasoned hardwood like Oak, Redwood, Acacia,

and Saligna. Hardwoods burn hotter and cleaner, whist leaving a layer of ash in your unit may not be your

first thought, this protects the base of your unit and helps extent the life of the grate. We also suggest

having your chimney swept to remove any soot build ups, this is required at least once every year.

If you’re an owner of a Jetmaster it best you know that this is a feature all on its own, however

Individual creativity and imagination can turn the simplest unit into something spectacular. Our units

will add statement and give your home modern and contemporary look.

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