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Flue Pipe Galvanised Steel

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Flue Pipe


Galvanised Steel

Size / Diameter

125 DIA X 1.200M, 150 DIA X 1.200M, 175 DIA X 1.200M, 200 DIA X 1.200M, 225 DIA X 1.200M, 250 DIA X 1.200M, 275 DIA X 1.200M, 300 DIA X 1.200M, 325 DIA X 1.200M, 350 DIA X 1.200M, 375 DIA X 1.200M, 400 DIA X 1.200M, 450 DIA X 1.200M, 475 DIA X 1.200M


Our flue pipes are required for all fireplace and braai installations. It expels combustion gasses from your living or entertainment area allowing for a safe and smoke free zone.

Flue pipes are generally installed on fireplaces and braais and should extend through your ceiling and roof at approximately 500mm from the pitch of your roof, if no off sets are installed.

Our flue pipes are available in standard sizes for all Jetmaster products.


  • Advise on your installation and a site visit from an experienced installer is advisable before making any purchases.


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