Preparing your Jetmaster for winter

After not using your Jetmaster for a few months, clutter, build up and, or rust can naturally develop in and around your unit, flue and chimney. It’s important to maintain your Jetmaster and prepare it for the upcoming, cooler months.

Step 1: Move any flammable objects or furniture that may be in the way or too close to your Jetmaster. Furniture should be at least 500mm to 1000mm away from your unit.

Step 2: Trim any trees that have overgrown around the Chimney or that have grown a bit too close for comfort.

Step 3: Get a well experienced installer or Chimney sweeper to come out and give your chimney a good sweep. This is an extremely important step that most people tend to forget to do.

Soot and debris build up in your chimney can be hazardous and cause a flue or chimney fire. Sweeping your chimney every couple of years is a step you should not miss out on doing.

This will also assist you with the next step.

Step 4: Homeowners should check their Jetmaster for any damages, cracked or loose firebricks, door gaskets on your slow stoves as well as the damper lever. It’s important you have this fixed or replaced before winter as this could interfere with draw of your Jetmaster as well as the overall function of the unit.

Step 5: Your just about there! Last step is just to check that your Jetmaster is drawing and that your damper is open.

Start off by lighting some newspaper and checking that the smoke pulls up into the chimney.

Once that’s done, you’re all set! Now it is time to load some wood and get that Jetmaster lit!

And if you don’t have a Jetmaster, its time you did.


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